Jaya Baru Information System

Jaya Baru is a distributor specialist in distribute hollow and folding gate. Cipta Digital develop a systems based on Jaya Baru business process called Jaya Baru Information Systems. Jaya Baru Information Systems is an inventory systems which help Jaya Baru to manage selling and stocking.

Bethel Bangun Mandiri Information System

Bethel Bangun Mandiri is a construction material shop. Cipta Digital was asked by Bethel Bangun Mandiri to develop an business applicatin to help Bethel Bangun Mandiri business process start from purchasing, selling, Stocking/Invetory, to accounting and debt. Cipta Digital develop a business process which is suits Bethel Bangun Mandiri Business Process .

ENV Information System

PT ENV Indonesia is a Consultant In Environmental Matters. Cipta Digital develop a custom business application to help PT ENV Indonesia in manage their employee, project, and report. This custom business application called ENV Information Systems, is developed based on ENV business process. ENV Informaton System build with simple graphic user interface and very close to their manual process.

Print2Go E-Commerce System

Print2Go is a fashion company established in December 2011 which is expert in production of T-shirts with high quality material. Print2Go also a child company from Terry Palmer Towel Company in Indonesia. Cipta Digital develop an E-Commerce system for Print2Go. Print2Go E-Commerce system help Print2Go to manage thier customer order start from order, payment, confirmation, and delivery.

Website Design and Development


Nowadays, A good website is a great marketing boost for your company. Not only as information media but also to increase your company image and help you gain more prospective clients and customers.

  • We are able and competence in designing and developing a website for small company to big corparate business.
  • Our team experiences in satisfied your needs.
  • We provide your website with a Content Management System (CMS) which allow you to update your website by yourself.
  • Cipta Digital CMS are very user friendly and easy to use.
  • We are happy to hear ideas from you. We will pay much attention at your goals, so we can develop a website to suits you best.



After the development of Internet, there are lots of prospect customers using the internet around the world. You can grab this huge chances to build up your business market. By making an e-commerce system, your business will open automatically 24 hour a day, 7 days a week in full year.

  • Our team are able and competence in developing an E-commerce website
  • We are offer you free consultation to understand your needs.
  • We are happy to help you build an E-Commerce Systems to satisfied your customers needs.
  • We are experiences in develop an E-Commerce systems which is suits your business process.

Custom Business Application


Nowadays, you can computerize you business system to facilitate your company. Many business company have problem in manage thir business with manual record. Custom Business application become one of requiremens to enlarge your company systems.

  • Cipta Digital competance and experiences in handle custom business application to help you manage your business.
  • We are able to build custom business application which suits your business process.
  • It is possible to manage your business in easy way with out custom business application
  • SOur team are happy to hear your problem and develop a solutions in business application to satisfied your needs.